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In the world of Zen, dining is an important form of training. The practice of eating natural vegetables and consuming natural meals has great relevance to modern healthy dining.

At the Hakujukan, chefs who gained experience under the direction of the Daihonzan Eiheiji Temple prepare Buddhist vegetarian cuisine that embodies the spirit of Zen. Guests may also savor delicacies of Fukui prefecture such as crab, puffer fish, and flounder, local beef, root vegetables, and other fine foods.

Breakfast is available from early morning to accompany the activities of the Eiheiji Temple. A variety of healthy rice porridges such as those made with tea leaves, vegetables, or broth are served to fit the season, along with mouth-watering small dishes and appetizers.

The restaurant is equipped with tables and counter seats, so the appeal of Zen can be enjoyed by guests dining alone or those wishing to sip a drink after their meal. Private rooms are available for groups.

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