Inn close to Zen

The Hakujukan hotel of Eiheiji Temple presents where guests can enjoy pleasant facilities and services like a Japanese inn, while also partake in like authentic Buddhist vegetarian cuisine or sitting Zen as a monastery. Staying our hotel, Guests can feel the heart of Zen.

The "Zen Concierges" trained at the Eiheiji Temple, provide guests with guidance for Zen experience at the Temple, as well as Zen experience within the Hakujukan.

After experiencing Zen, take the open-air baths or shower for relax. Then, Enjoy fine Buddhist vegetarian cuisine and delicious local Sake from Echizen at the Japanese restaurant.

The Hakujukan hotel of Eiheiji Temple welcomes guests to be intimate for Zen with the hospitality of a Japanese inn, for a soothing stay.


◆ Spring new sake is available! Please enjoy the freshly squeezed freshness that you can only taste now, along with dishes that can only be tasted at Hakujukan.





2020/04/02 <Measures against infectious diseases such as new coronavirus and requests to guests>

     The number of people infected with the new coronavirus in Japan is increasing daily, and several cases have been confirmed in Fukui Prefecture.
      We will take the following measures to prevent infections to our customers and ensure that you can stay with peace of mind.
      〇 Alcohol for hand sanitizing is installed at the front desk and at the restaurant entrance, so please be sure to use it.
      〇 Guests should wear masks themselves and actively wash and wash their hands.
      〇 At the time of check-in for accommodation, guests from overseas are asked about their physical condition and  travel routes.
      〇 In accordance with the guidance of the public health center, the rooms are thoroughly ventilated and cleaned, and the doorknobs and toilet seats are disinfected. For cleaning public spaces (corridors, lobby, restaurants, etc.), disinfect parts that are often touched by guests’ hands (stair railings, EV buttons, front counters, toilet doorknobs, faucets, etc.).  And we regularly enhance ventilation.
      〇 All hotel staff are instructed to gargle, wash their hands, ventilate and cough etiquette thoroughly, and are obliged to wear a mask.
      〇 We hotel staff check the health each other when we go to work. Also, if we have a fever of 37.5 degrees or more and the relevant symptoms are observed, we must stop work and seek medical instructions.


2020/03/28<General visitors cannot enter the temple>

  Eiheiji Temple announced that “From April 1st, in addition to continuing the suspension of Sanzen and Sanro, general visitors cannot enter the temple for the time being. But general visitors can worship from outside the Sanmon gate.”
    As for the morning service, only Hakujukan’s  guests  can take part in the morning service as befor.
    Click here for more information on Eiheiji Temple.


2020/02/04  <We have awarded the Traveler Review Awards 2020 sponsored by! >

Rated 9.5 points (out of 10) on Thanks to everyone who stayed with us. We will continue to work harder to make our guests more satisfied.

Traveller Review Awards 2020   More than a number


2020/02/03 <Response to New Coronavirus Infections>

◆ About zazen experience and sutra experience.

With the suspension of Zen experience at Eiheiji Temple, zazen experience will be conducted at the dojo “Kaiya no Ma” at Hakujukan from 15:30 with the guidance of the Zen Concierge. If you wish to experience zazen, please arrive in time. You can buy a sutra paper (300 yen including tax) and experience it during Kaiya (or in your room).

◆ About Eiheiji’s participation in Morning service.

If you would like to participate in the Morning service, please wear a mask. Participants of poor physical condition are not allowed to participate.

* Eiheiji worship (visit) is as usual. Click here for more information on Eiheiji Temple. Hakujukan staff wear masks to prevent the spread of infection.


2020/01/06 <Be careful when setting car navigation system>

Some car navigation systems will guide you to the wrong location if you set “Hakujukan” or phone number “0776-63-1188”. In that case, please set the destination to “Eiheiji Temple”. At the traffic light at the entrance of Prefectural Road No. 245, the black sign on the far right is our hotel.

For reservations or inquiries

(9:00 am to 8:00 pm)


Access to EIHEIJI

【To Fukui Station】

●By Air

●By Train


●By Train & Bus

●By Car
Use the Chubu-Jukan-motorway(中部縦貫自動車道)
It takes about 10 minutes from "Eiheiji-sando Interchange"(永平寺参道IC)
There is no parking available visitors at Eiheiji temple. Please use a nearby parking lot in the village.

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