Inn close to Zen

The Hakujukan hotel of Eiheiji Temple presents where guests can enjoy pleasant facilities and services like a Japanese inn, while also partake in like authentic Buddhist vegetarian cuisine or sitting Zen as a monastery, for a true Zen experience.

The "Zen Concierges" trained at the Eiheiji Temple, provide guests with guidance for Zen experience at the Temple, as well as Zen experience within the Hakujukan.

After experiencing Zen, take the open-air baths or shower for relax. Then, Enjoy fine Buddhist vegetarian cuisine and delicious local Sake from Echizen at the Japanese restaurant.

The Hakujukan hotel of Eiheiji Temple welcomes guests to be intimate for Zen with the hospitality of a Japanese inn, for a soothing stay.



2020/05/23 <Notice of business resumption>
     As a result of giving top priority to the prevention of the spread of new coronavirus infectious diseases and the safety of customers and employees, our hotel was closed until May 31 (Sun).
     Following the cancellation of the emergency situation, we will gradually resume operations from June 1st (Monday). We will take infection prevention measures when restarting business, and will strive to create the best environment for safe use. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

● Requests to customers
・Please measure the temperature on the day before and on the day of use. If you have a cough, low fever, or other cold-like symptom, please contact us before arrival.
・Please cooperate with wearing a mask and alcohol disinfection of your fingers when you stay at our hotel.
・When your arrival, temperature is measured using a non-contact temperature measuring system (thermal camera).
・If you feel unwell due to fever, cough, or tremors, please contact the staff. We would like to introduce you to medical institutions.
・Please cooperate in maintaining social distancing in the hall.
・Since alcohol disinfectants are installed in various places in the building, please disinfect your hands before entering the building or before eating. In addition, we ask for your cooperation during the stay.

● Initiatives for staff
・In order to respond to customers in a healthy condition, we thoroughly wash our hands and disinfect them with alcohol. We also report physical conditions and temperature measurements at work and record the results.
・We wear masks to protect the safety of our customers and staff.
・We request that we refrain from participating in closed rooms with poor ventilation and places where many people gather.
・When a partner company enters the facility for delivery, we ask that you check your health, wear a mask, and sterilize your hands.

●In the hall
・Clear partitions are installed at the front counter to prevent mutual splash infection with customers.
・Where the unspecified number of people come into contact (handrails of stairs, front counter, toilet doorknobs, faucets, elevator buttons, etc.), we regularly disinfect them.
・In order to maintain the social distancing, we will inform you where the staff will line up depending on the situation.
・We are working to create a hygienic environment by increasing the frequency of cleaning, disinfection and ventilation.

● Guest room
・In addition to normal room cleaning, we use a disinfectant solution to wipe the room.
・We have installed a negative ion generator embedded in the cabin ceiling.

● Restaurant
・When arranging the tables, we take sufficient intervals.
・We will prepare seats side by side rather than face-to-face according to your request.

*Click here for detailed information on Eiheiji Temple.


2020/01/06 <Be careful when setting car navigation system>

Some car navigation systems will guide you to the wrong location if you set “Hakujukan” or phone number “0776-63-1188”. In that case, please set the destination to “Eiheiji Temple”. At the traffic light at the entrance of Prefectural Road No. 245, the black sign on the far right is our hotel.

For reservations or inquiries

(9:00 am to 7:00 pm)


Access to EIHEIJI

【To Fukui Station】

●By Air

●By Train


●By Train & Bus

Click here for the timetable of the guest shuttle.

●By Car
Use the Chubu-Jukan-motorway(中部縦貫自動車道)
It takes about 10 minutes from "Eiheiji-sando Interchange"(永平寺参道IC)
There is no parking available visitors at Eiheiji temple. Please use a nearby parking lot in the village.

Parking Information

Set the car navigation system to "Eiheiji" and look for the sign at the entrance of lane 245.

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