Each of the 18 Japanese-style rooms offers a wide view of the pristine Eiheijigawa river and the lively city around the gates. All rooms are spacious at over 40 square meters, easily large enough for 4 to sleep on futons. The room includes a toilet with warm water wash features, a separate shower booth. The sink area and cups are made from Echizen pottery, while Echizen paper decorations and other tidbits of local hospitality are hidden throughout the room.



Check in time from 14:00
Check out time by 10:00
All rooms are non-smoking (there is a smoking room on each floor)
Free Wi-Fi in the building

Room type

All rooms Japanese and Western rooms over 40 m2 Floor space (2 beds) Tatami space

Room facilities

TV, electric kettle, Japanese tea set, refrigerator, safe,
Hairdryer, alarm clock, AI speaker(with interphone function with the front),water washable toilet, shower booth,

Amenity goods

toothbrushes, body sponges, brushes, razors, cotton swabs,
shampoo, body soap, conditioner,
bath towels, face towels, in-room clothes,
in-room footwear

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