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Our lineup is everything you might expect from an “inn close to Zen.” The Zen Concierge will guide guests to Daihonzan Eiheiji temple. Please inquire for details.
Welcome to a world of soothing Zen.

*All experiences are available for voluntary participation.

<Events held at Daihonzan Eiheiji temple>

◆ Morning service(before breakfast)
Guests can take part in the morning service just before dawn by the monks of Eiheiji temple, including sutra reading, and burning incense.
*Guests who wish to participate should inquire with the Zen Concierge by check-in time of the previous day.
*Free of charge.
(The hall is chilly in winter, so please wear warm garments.)

◆ Zen experience(before dinner)
*Guests staying at the Hakujukan may participate several activities for free of charge.
(Events may not be held on some days due to scheduling.)

<Events held in the Hakujukan Kaiya-no-Ma>

◆ Zen experience
If the zazen experience at Eiheiji is cancelled, there will be a zazen session led by the Zen concierge at 3:30 pm.

◆ Sutra-copying experience
You can experience sutra copying at a time of your choice.There is a charge for the paper. You can also do it in your room.

◆ Zen Events
We regularly hold Zen events such as soothing experiences and lectures. We’ll notify you of the latest information.

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